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Dixxl Tuxxs – CINEMA 4D for Softimage Artists

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Dixxl Tuxxs - CINEMA 4D for Softimage Artists

Dixxl Tuxxs - CINEMA 4D for Softimage Artists | 305MB

Duration: 1h 42m | Video: AVC (.flv) 1280x720 15fps | Audio: AAC 32KHz 2ch

Genre: eLearning | Level: Beginner | Language: English

Softimage and CINEMA 4D are powerful all-around 3D content creation applications that each have their own strengths. Sometimes an artist who has primarily worked in one application, Softimage for instance, finds that they need to be able to work in another program. These artists know what they need to accomplish and how to finish their projects, but they just need to know the capabilities of the new application and where they can quickly find the tools and functions they're looking for.
Rather than going through a long introductory project, with a lot of basic information, we'll cut straight to the information you need to start working quickly in CINEMA 4D. We'll talk about how CINEMA 4D deals with geometry and talk about its unique hierarchy based workflow.

We'll cover polygon modeling tools and workflows like Extruding, Beveling, and working with Deformers. We'll also cover the use of splines and generators to create geometry from those splines. We'll touch on UVs, animation, lighting, rendering and cover a few things unique to CINEMA 4D like multi-resolution sculpting and the MoGraph tools.
In the end you'll be able to take your Softimage knowledge and continue to work in CINEMA 4D. Once done, if there are any tools or functions you'd like to know more about, you can go through any of the multiple CINEMA 4D courses we have to get a deeper look.

Dixxl Tuxxs - CINEMA 4D for Softimage Artists

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  1. softimage和C4D都是全能的3d工具包,他们各有所长。 主要使用某一个软件工作的3D艺术家会——比如softimage——有时候会发现,他们也需要使用其他的程序。 他们需要了解新的软件,并且能迅速找到相关的功能。 这个教程直接从你的需求开始讲起,我们会讲C4D是如何处理几何体,和他独特的基于层级的工作流程。 还会讲述C4D的建模工具、变形工具、曲线、UV、动画、灯光等方方面面
    vb12(特殊组-翻译)4年前 (2014-05-21)