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In Verbis Virtus Cracked-3DM

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 《吟诵者》(In Verbis Virtus)让你成为一位巫师,并真正地说出强大的咒语!




  - 用你的声音召唤古老的魔法;

  - 使用咒语来解决阻碍前进的谜题;

  - 利用神秘力量对付邪恶的怪兽;

  - 探索神秘游戏主角的过去,以及他身边荒废的世界;

  - 不断深入探索这座危险的庙宇;

  - 用虚幻引擎打造的华丽第一人称视角。

  - 注意:游戏需要麦克风接入。


In Verbis Virtus allows you to step in the shoes of a wizard and cast spells pronouncing them for real.

You’ll find yourself in a lost temple in a remote desert in search of an ancient source of knowledge. The magic of your voice will be the only weapon you have to deal with monsters, enigmas and traps.

In Verbis Virtus mixes action elements and puzzles in a fantasy setting with a complex background that you will discover in the course of the adventure.


  • Evoke old magic with your voice, using Maha’ki language, the language of the gods.
  • Use your spells to solve the enigmas that block your path.
  • Face evil creatures with your arcane powers.
  • Discover the history of the mysterious protagonist and of the decadent world that surrounds him.
  • Explore the dangerous depths of the Temple.
  • First-person view with spectacular graphics based on Unreal Engine.

Publisher: Indomitus Games
Developer: Indomitus Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie

Release name: In.Verbis.Virtus.Cracked-3DM
Size: 1.1GB
Links: Homepage

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