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PeachpitPress – Responsive Web Design: Learn by Video

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PeachpitPress - Responsive Web Design: Learn by Video

PeachpitPress - Responsive Web Design: Learn by Video

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Responsive design isn’t merely another technique. It’s a way of building sites and applications that requires a fundamental shift in approach. From planning to development, every aspect of building for the web is affected. This video course starts by explaining the three primary components of responsive design: fluid layouts, media queries and responsive images. With a firm understanding of those in place, we branch out and explore how responsive design impacts workflow, how to maintain the hierarchy of content, how to use feature detection to enhance the experience, how to organize your JavaScript to play along nicely, how to optimize responsive sites for performance—and more. Course objectives and goals: This course arms its students with the skills necessary to start building quality responsive sites today. By the end of the course, students will know how to: Use fluid layouts, media queries and fluid images to create responsive layouts Use responsive image techniques to serve appropriately sized images to a variety of devices Ensure that the hierarchy of content is preserved across screen sizes Enhance the functionality of your site with feature detection Improve the performance of your site and avoid becoming another example of "fat" responsive design Adjust your existing workflow to better accommodate multi-device design and development Determine what devices to test on and how Course Requirements: To get the most out of this course, you'll need your favorite code editor and ideally a couple of devices to test on. If you don't have a tablet and phone for testing, then you'll want to get a hold of a simulator or use one of the many device testing services online to follow along. You could, theoretically, follow along by resizing your browser, but I highly recommend against it—you'll get much more out of it by seeing how things behave on different devices. User level: Intermediate
PeachpitPress - Responsive Web Design: Learn by Video


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  2. 响应式设计不仅仅是一项技术。它是一种从根本上需要提升,以构建站点和程序的方式。从规划到开发,每个构建web的方式都要考虑到。本视频教程从解释主要的响应式设计组件开始:流体布局,媒体查询和响应式图片。在打下坚实基础后,我们开始探索响应式设计是如何影响工作流程的,以及如何维护内容的层级性,如何使用特性侦测以提高体验,如何组织你的JavaScript让其更好地发挥,如何为性能更好地优化响应式站点的。教程目标:让学员掌握开发高质量响应式站点的技能。在教程结束的时候,学院将会掌握如何:使用流体布局,媒体查询,以及流体图片创建响应式布局。使用响应式图片技术,为不同的设备提供大小正好的图片。确保内容的层次结构正确地在不同屏幕大小的设备上显示。利用功能检测技术,提高站点的功能性。提供站点性能,避免成为另一个臃肿的响应式设计。调整已经存在的工作流,以更好地迎合多设备设计和开发。要从本教程中更大地收益,你需要你要一个喜欢编辑器,最后有几台测试设备。如果你没有平板或手机,那么你需要使用模拟器。理论上,你可以通过跳帧浏览器屏幕大小,但不太推荐这样做。本教程使用对象为中级水平。
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