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Easy CAD Converter

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Easy CAD Converter

Easy CAD Converter是一款优秀的多功能CAD图形工具软件,它可以浏览不同版本的DWG和DXF文件(R2.5—R2002),并可以将CAD图形文件批量转换为GIF,JPEG,DXF,DWG,SVG,HPGL PDF等格式,快速的将CAD图形文件输出为矢量图形,将图形文件另存为任意大小的高精度位图以方便在Photoshop等软件中进行处理,支持全屏幕方式,支持彩色及单色的图形文件和光栅文件的打印输出并可自由地设置背景颜色,支持shx字体文件,xref块文件,和光栅文件的导入,支持创建对dwg和dxf文件的关联。完美的支持CAD图形中文字体的显示。

Easy CAD Converter | 5 MB

Convert any to any among DXF, DWG, DWF without the need for AutoCAD. Upgrade or downgrade DXF, DWG, DXF versions click a few mouse clicks!

Easy CAD Converter, previously known as DXF DWG DWF Converter, is capable of converting your CAD drawings from DWG to DXF, from DWG to DWF, from DXF to DWG, from DXF to DWF, from DWF to DXF, from DWF to DWG without the need for AutoCAD-based products. Easy CAD Converter is more than a file format converter, and you can even upgrade or downgrade your DWG, DXF, DWF drawing files to a newer or earlier version to answer your specific needs, such as for better compatibility.

Features include batch conversion, automatic search for drawing files in the folder of your choice including subfolders, an editable file list collecting drawing files from multiple locations.

· Convert any format to the other formats among DXF, DWG, DWF 
· Batch convert multiple drawing files from DXF to DWG, DXF to DWF, DXF to DWG, DXF to DWF, DWF to DWG, DWF to DXF 
· Automatically search for drawing files in the folder of your choice including subfolders 
· An editable file list Collects drawing files from multiple locations
· Tamper Protection feature protects CAD drawings from being modified by worms, Trojan horses, viruses, spyware, adware, and others.
· Convert DWG, DXF, DWF files forward and backward with versions as early as AutoCAD Release 9 and as recent as AutoCAD 2014. 
· Support AutoCAD 2014/2013/2012/2011/2010/2009/2008/2007/2006/2005/2004/2002/2000/R14/R9 DXF, DWG, DWF drawings

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