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Lynda – Up and Running with Neo4j

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Lynda - Up and Running with Neo4j | 404MB

Duration: 3h 12m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15fps | Audio: AAC 44.1KHz 1ch

Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English

Why are people abandoning their RDMS databases and switching to graph databases like Neo4j? It's more than a "big data" trend. Graph databases can handle more complex data and relationships, which are baked in at the record level. Take a trip through the nuances of the most popular graph database, Neo4j, with Duane Nickull and find out if it's right for your data. He covers key concepts, like transitions, searches, and traversals, and shows you how to work with nodes, the relationships between nodes, and navigate large graphs of information. Developers will be interested in the chapters devoted to Cypher, the query language for finding, creating, modifying, and deleting Neo4J data. There are ten coding challenges sprinkled throughout the course, allowing you to test your Cypher skills, and the exercise files feature a fun, interactive mini "IMDB" that explores data from your favorite movies.

Topics include:

* What are NoSQL and graphic databases?
* Examining basic graph modeling
* Using Cypher to query Neo4j
* Using paths to traverse multiple nodes
* Getting properties back from paths
* Using specific nodes
* Handling conditions
* Creating entities
* Deleting entities
Lynda - Up and Running with Neo4j


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  1. 为何大家正在放弃关系型数据库而转向如Neo4j一类的图形数据库呢?不仅仅是“大数据”的趋势。图形数据库可以处理更复杂的数据和关系,并会将其储存在记录层次。在本教程中,Duane Nickull会来领我们了解最流行的图形数据库Neo4j的风采。通过学习,判断是否适用于自己的数据。作者会在教程中讲解重要的概念,如转换、搜索、遍历,并会为你演示如何处理节点、两个节点之间的关系、以及在海量图形信息之间导航。开发人员会对加密、增上Neo4j数据的查询语言感兴趣。在教程中,还有10个编程挑战,可以让你在一个模拟的互动小型IMDB数据库中检索最爱影片的数据,从而测试一下所学到的技巧。
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