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Tanida Demo Builder

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Tanida Demo Builder

Tanida Demo Builder是一个用来创建交互式Flash影片,展示应用程序和系统如何运作的工具


Tanida Demo Builder允许用户截取目标应用程序的一系列的可编辑的屏幕截图,以制作Flash模拟和交互式演示;Demo Builder 给予用户组成影片的元素完全的控制权,方便地修改、编辑和更新;输出文件可以是 Flash (SWF) 或者可执行文件(EXE),而且 Demo Builder 可以通过内置的功能将输出文件以电子邮件方式发送,输出到磁盘或者上传到FTP;并且可以输出Flash文件为HTML格式。最终得到的是高质量的演示或者教程,可以轻松的通过网络、光盘或者电子邮件共享,使企业、组织、和个人为软件或系统提供可视的软件帮助、使用指导甚至电子学习方式。

Tanida Demo Builder 类似 Adobe Captivate ,但 Adobe Captivate 在使用过程中经常会出现死机或导入图片时间无限长的情况,而且 Adobe Captivate 的占用空间也大了许多。

Tanida Demo Builder 11.x | 85 MB

Demo Builder provides an easy way to create tutorials, presentations or demonstrations that show how software and systems work. Demo Builder is the ideal tool for generating the demos you require to teach, train, or sell.

Record your Computer Screen
Creating real time screen recordings has never been easier. Use Demo Builder's high-quality, simplistic recorder to capture programs as you use them and choose between recording an active window, an area of or your entire screen. Then enjoy the flexibility of Demo Builder as it allows you to edit your screen recording as you see fit.

Bring your Demonstrations to Life with Virtual Presenters
Try out Demo Builder's brand new Character feature which allows you to add and animate a Character as a teacher, narrator or guide in your movie. With the range of animations available you can create life-like movements including walking, talking, posing and greeting and accompany it with customizable eye and head movements to really bring your movie to life!

Stunning 3D Effects
Add a new dynamic to your demos with amazing 3D effects; you can easily rotate your movie on the X, Y or Z axis to give it a more vibrant effect or use the Zoom-n-Pan to focus your viewers' attention on specific areas. Discover the possibilities and design smooth transitions and rotations to create great eye-catching movies.

and much more…

Home Page - http://www.demo-builder.com/

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