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WinEdt 10.3 Build 20180507 x86/x64

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WinEdt 10.2 Build 20170413 (x86/x64)



虽然说WinEdt是一种兼用型文本编辑器,它却被专门设计及配置以与TeX系统(如MiKTeX或TeX Live)无缝整合。WinEdt软件并不深度上包括与TeX相关的主题。但是LaTeX/TeX的介绍和手册,以及所连接到的其他推荐配件,都可以在TeX的公共站点下载到。


WinEdt 10.x (x86/x64) | 18.6 Mb

WinEdt is a powerful and versatile text editor for Windows, with a strong predisposition towards the creation of [La]TeX documents. Do not, however, mistake WinEdt itself for a TeX system! You'll have to download and install a (free) TeX system for Windows (MiKTeX, or TeX Live). The Downloads page of this site has more information on WinEdt, TeX, and links to other programs needed to make TeX operational on the Windows platform.

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