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Programming with ECMAScript 2015

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Programming with ECMAScript 2015

Programming with ECMAScript 2015
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Although JavaScript is extremely powerful and flexible, it's often criticized for having unnecessary redundancy. Therefore, JavaScript developers often use abstractions such as CoffeeScript and Typescript, which provide easier syntax, powerful features, and compile to JavaScript. ES6 was introduced to improve JavaScript and ensure that developers no longer needed to use abstractions or other techniques to write quality code, which was becoming a lengthy process.

Programming with ECMAScript 2015

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  1. ECMAScript 2015编程 尽管JavaScript相当强大和灵活,但是其常因不必要的冗余而饱受诟病。因此,JavaScript开发者经常使用如CoffeScript和TypeScript实现抽象,提供更简单的语法、强大的功能以及对JavaScript的编译。ES6的出现,改善了JavaScript,并确保开发者不在需要使用抽象或其他技术编写高质量的代码,这些会带来更长的过程。
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