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JTC – Ultimate Arpeggio Integration: Complete Box Set (2017)

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JTC - Ultimate Arpeggio Integration: Complete Box Set (2017)

JTC - Ultimate Arpeggio Integration: Complete Box Set (2017)

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Genre: Video Training

The study of arpeggios is a vital part of learning guitar, essential for everything from improvising solos to composing songs. Arpeggios are the important interaction or 'link' between melody and harmony. Ever heard a musician aimlessly noodling with scales, and sounding disconnected from the other musicians in the band? Gets boring quickly, right? Mastering your arpeggios is the solution to this problem! Incorporating arpeggios into your lines can really help bring out harmony of the music.

This masterclass is going to show you, step by step, how to fully incorporate arpeggios into your playing! From the very basics to mapping advanced arpeggios across the neck, combining them, switching them up and finally freeing you from the constraints of box shapes, allowing you to build your own arpeggio based licks around any chord you choose! By the end of the course you'll have everything you need to navigate complex chord changes with fluency, creativity and flair!

The beginner volume will take you through the basics and explain everything you need to know to get started from scratch. Covering the topics of 'What is an arpeggio?' and 'Why target notes are important'. The exercises in this package will introduce you to major and minor arpeggios in multiple directions and start challenging you to think in terms of arpeggio note options across the neck. You will also encounter simple patterns across diatonic arpeggios to help you drill the exercises and expand your 'mental map' of the fretboard. Next up are the licks which use different parts of the backing track. This is where your independent studying comes into play so that you can take your knowledge gained from the PDF/exercises and use it to analyse the real world ideas in Jake's licks. Lastly, there's a full solo where you can further analyse the musical concepts in context, steal some extra arpeggio ideas to build your repertoire, or just simply tackle the full solo to put everything you've learned to use! This volume will help you to familiarise yourself with triads, and guide you through using them in context to create powerful melodies!

This volume will build on the foundations of volume one, by extending the arpeggios from triads to 4 note arpeggios (sevenths). You will also be exploring how to use the arpeggios to navigate chord changes efficiently. The exercises in this volume will help you to step up your fluency by teaching you to master arpeggio inversions through the diatonic chords in one place, as well as across the neck in both ascending and descending fashions. We want to leave no stone unturned while we build up your fluency. As always the licks here will take everything you've learned into more of a music setting, helping you to master the idea of playing through chord changes using arpeggios. The final solo will give you lots to learn and analyse, showing you how it can all come together to create inspirational musical solos! Practising arpeggios doesn't have to be clinical or boring. That's why the licks and full solo are the key to you learning how to integrate the arpeggios musically.

The final volume will take your arpeggio fluency to new heights! Giving you all the tools you need to use arpeggios in almost any context (no matter how challenging!). With innovative advanced exercises covering further inversions, different voicings and extended arpeggios. Our groundbreaking advanced 'vocabulary builder' will have you learning 60 arpeggio-based licks covering 12 of the most common chord types. We've even included 12 backing loops to help you practise each of the 12 chord types in isolation. This allows you to hone in your arpeggio skills without distraction to help you really master the concepts thoroughly!

This course isn't just a catalogue of arpeggios, the awareness that you'll gain with this complete masterclass course is going to give you a much better understanding of where the all-important chord tones sit on your fretboard and how to get them. This will prepare you to be able to play through even the hardest chord changes using various techniques and approaches that encourage total fluency and it will supercharge your melodic playing!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and backing tracks for everything! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

Package details

Rock | Intermediate | Masterclass Box Set

What you get

3 Main PDF Masterclasses
40 Exercises (Video/Audio)
86 Licks (Video/Audio)
26 Licks Backings
2 Full Solos (Video/Audio)
3 Full Backing Tracks
12 Chord Loop Backings
Complete TAB/Notation

JTC - Ultimate Arpeggio Integration: Complete Box Set (2017)

JTC - Ultimate Arpeggio Integration: Complete Box Set (2017)

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