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Allen Hinds – The Next Step 3 Video Set

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Allen Hinds - The Next Step 3 Video Set
Allen Hinds - The Next Step 3 Video Set
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Dear fellow guitarist, How do you feel about your lead and rhythm guitar playing right now? Well, if you're like most players, you're probably the same old grooves and patterns, you no doubt find yourself in a musical rut - or more appropriately, an unmusical one! You feel like some guys just have it and others don't. What is more, when you hear great guitar players soloing with little effort, and playing things you wouldn't dream of doing in million years, you get a little frustrated.

Does this sound like you? Wouldn't you like to increase your musical vocabulary? Wouldn't
you like to play lead guitar with no limitations? Take your playing to the next level? If so, please
read on because we teamed up with LA session guitarist Allen Hinds to develop a a DVD that
can transform your playing!

We Have a new approach to "playing outside the box ".

Learning to play with leads that are innovative and not just a bunch of licks and scales can
seem overwhelming. Why do some people improvise with such ease and others just go
through the motions?. There is more to it than your natural ability. Achieving results takes
patience, commitment and a great deal of focus. But we have a few dynamic short cuts up
our sleeve..

Allen Hinds, the guitarist with The Crusaders, Mary J. Blige, Natalie Cole and a host of others
has put together a DVD that will walk you through his amazing hammer-on pull off technique
as well as his harmonic and melodic concept. As the main teacher at Los Angeles' acclaimed
Musicians Institute, Allen shows you what you need to do to change your playing into a
dynamic lead and rhythm player. And the best thing is anyone with basic knowledge of the
guitar can learn it! Whether you are a seasoned pro or just learning improvisation, this DVD
will make you a better player.

We wanted to put together a course that was effective, understandable and practical. We wanted
something to get you improvising, and playing in ways you naturally might not. The Next Step, is
here to help.

We feel that the advantages of Allen Hinds' new system, can help propel you past your natural
ability (even if it is good) and into much more creative and inventive guitar playing, no matter what

Allen Hinds' The Next Step is like a good fitness program. Sure its difficult at first, but
when you start seeing results, you'll be addicted to learning.

Allen's system doesn't tech just licks to be used in a limited situation, he shows you how to
integrate your ideas an phrasing in any key, style and in different rhythmic locations!

Wouldn't you like to open yourself up to a new level of musical freedom and creativity?

Here's the good news; You don't have to unlearn .

All the cool licks you have ever learned up until now have a definite place in your musical vocabulary and should not go ignored. I am talking about a new world of musical facility however. Melodic FREEDOM.

With this home study video you can, in your own time, teach your mind and hands to integrate Allen's amazing technique - all in a relatively short space of time. Can you imagine how fulfilling this would be?

In this jam packed video you will:

Discover how to use the hammer on-pull off lead technique
Develop a wicked left hand
Learn to overcome limitations in your rhythm playing caused from years of playing the
same old licks.
Incorporate different melodic and harmonic variation to make your solos interesting
Do real practical and challenging exercises geared at making your ideas more coherent
Learn about playing "outside" the key
Rather than learning a ton of licks, now you can start easily making your own.

Why should you take notice? We say this on all our DVDs…

Well the source of your learning is a REAL RESPECTED AND WORKING guitarist.
Not a no-name guy who came up with something for the internet and has no real


Allen Hinds has performed and/or recorded with jazz and R&B luminaries including Patti Austin, Mary J. Blige, Maya, Natalie Cole, Roberta Flack, BeBe and CeCe Winan, Randy Crawford, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, The Crusaders, Bobby Caldwell, James Ingram, Marilyn Scott, Eric Marienthal, Boney James, new "acid jazz" group Down To The Bone, Marc Antoine and many, many others. On staff at "Musician's Institute",Allen offers a musical blend of jazz, blues, and rock with a "grassroots" style. Although one might hear guitar influences like Ry Cooder to Pat Metheny, Robben Ford to Alan Holdsworth , Allen has his own "twist" on it all. Being an active studio musician as well as live performer, he has currently written songs for Larry Carlton, Patti Austin, Jeff Kashiwa as well as the long running T.V. show on C.B.S. "JAG". His contributions were also heard on the "EFX" network this season.

Real Success Stories From Regular People Like You…

Allen Hinds hammer on pull off technique is awe some…I hope he has more DVDs to come in the near future … Tim Jacobs, Miami Florida

I've learned more from Allen Hinds than my last years lessons with my teacher. I finally get how Allen Holdsworth does his technique. Phillip Marcos…Spain

The DVD is worth it just to see Allen burn! … John Menzano .. LA session star

Save Money … Save time … Start Now!

The Next Step System is available to you at the same price or LESS than with a private teacher .

We aren't saying a teacher isn't very important, but if you learn the info on Allen's DVD it will have
cost you very little to gain a skill most people don't get from lessons. Aren't you tired of the same
old grooves, the same old patterns and ideas? I hope so.

So here's what the Next Step has to offer…

A new and improved you!. Making you a better guitar player benefiting you for the rest of your life. It's a whole new approach taught in a way to make you learn quickly and easily.

You will be on your way to enjoying your playing much more!


I'm also giving away a very important document when you purchase this program. It's
called " Jazz Guitar Talk : Great players discuss what it takes to be great!

Twelve of the world's finest jazz guitarists openly talk about what it takes to truly rise to
the top of the jazz guitar tree. They discuss jazz education, practice routines and offer
personal philosophies that enabled them to master their instrument.

Pat Martino, Steve Khan, Jack Wilkins, Richard Smith, Sid Jacobs, Mike Clinco, Pat Kelley,
Jeff Richman, Henry Johnson, Mark Stefani, Bruce Forman and Larry Koonse all reveal
what it took for them to become some of the best jazz guitarists of our time.

Now stop and look back on today. What price tag might you have put on the information
I have given you? Well If you were to go and ask Allen His price to teach you it would be
rediculous. Now you have Allen teaching you and video taped to go over again and again,
plus Jazz Guitar Talk!

Rather than charge a ton of money we keep it affordable at a price less than a nice


If you've read the testimonials from my customers and peers, you've already seen what my
product can do for you. Allen teaches the simplest, yet most effective techniques, secrets,
and principles to learning rhythm guitar, available anywhere today. Just follow the DVD and
soon you will feel the difference.

Allen Hinds - The Next Step 3 Video Set

Allen Hinds - The Next Step 3 Video Set

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