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Kali Linux 101

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Kali Linux 101

Kali Linux 101
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Your guide to getting started with Kali Linux 101 and the exciting world of penetration testing!

Kali is a penetration testing Linux distribution created by the Offensive Security. It holds a repository of multiple tools for security related engineers including hacking wireless networks, web applications, databases, Reverse engineering, password crackers, and much more! So as you can see, Kali is a versatile and powerful tool for anyone looking to do any cyber security related work.

As indicated by the ‘101’ in the course title, this course is a beginner’s guide to getting started in Kali…to get your feet wet. The course is broken down into 3 sections; Getting started, Basic Configuration, and Tools overview. We first give you an overview of Kali and its use cases then offer a step-by-step walkthrough of installing Kali using VMware. Next we teach you some important configuration setting in the distribution including configuring your network and managing services in Kali. Knowing these procedures will help you setup the proper environments when using Kali and its tools. Finally we go over the top available in Kali and describe their top features and best use cases.

By the end of this course you will be able to have a fully functioning distribution Kali running on your machine. You will also have an understanding of the Linux environment and how to manage network and system services. Lastly you will have a basic overview of the top tools available in Kali.

Kali Linux 101

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  1. 本入门视频助你轻松步入Kali Linux的世界,了解渗透测试的相关内容。 本课程是初学者入门指南, 为进一步深入,打下基础。课程分为3节;入门、基本配置和工具概述。我们首先给您概要介绍下Kali以及相关的应用, 然后使用vmware 来一步步安装Kali。接下来我们将教给您一些重要的配置设置如:配置网络和管理服务。 在本课程结束时, 您将能够在您的计算机上运行一个完整功能的Kali。您还将了解 linux 环境以及如何管理网络和系统服务。最后, 您将对Kali的顶级工具有一个全面的了解。
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