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CreativeLive – Final Cut Pro X Bootcamp by Abba Shapiro

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Title: CreativeLive – Final Cut Pro X Bootcamp by Abba Shapiro

Don’t get confused or overwhelmed by the world of video – start piecing together your story with ease. Join Abba Shapiro as he walks through how to work effectively in Final Cut Pro X. In this series, you’ll walk through the interface of this easy to navigate program and quickly learn the ins and outs of this software.

Abba will cover essential topics such as building a rough cut, working with audio and incorporating motion and titles in your videos. He will show basic color correction techniques as well as how to incorporate filters and transitions to enhance the look of your final video.

Ten Day Lesson Plan:
Exploring the Interface
Editing Techniques
Setting up a Project from Scratch
Working with Audio
Incorporating Photos and Graphics
Applying Filters and Transitions
Creating Titles
Color Correction and Speed Changes
Multi-Camera Editing
Exporting and Sharing your Project

By the end of this class, you will feel proficient in creating video with this program and be excited to continue to expand your skills. You’ll be able to bring your images to life by creating stories to share with your family, friends and clients. If you’ve been thinking about expanding your business to include video, this class will help you get the technical confusion out of the way so you can focus on being creative.

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