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The Last Hope Trump vs Mafia Remastered-PLAZA

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Atomic Fabrik/Cristi Manolachi 制作,Atomic Fabrik发行的一款恶搞特朗普和黑手党的射击游戏。在“重制版”升级档中游戏引擎从Unity 5.3.4升级到Unity 5.5.1,并且提升游戏画质。

The Last Hope: Trump vs Mafia is the sequel to last year’s sleeper hit “The Last Hope” in which you became the President of the World. You are John Trump, the President of all Countries. Shortly after being sworn in, you travel to Europe for a conference, but your airplane is shot-down by mafia members. The Mafia and terrorists from all ex-countries join forces against you. Now you have to fix this mess. You must to fight with mafiosos, terrorists and robots from:


  • France, USA , Turkey, Republic of Moldova, Canada, China;
  • A wide variety of weapons such as: Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Grenades, Sword, etc;
  • Means of Transportation: Trumplane, Trumpomusine, Train;
  • It will ultimately be your choice to either surrender and allow the Mafia to take over the World or nuke them once and for all!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Atomic Fabrik , Cristian Manolachi
Publisher: Atomic Fabrik , Cristian Manolachi

Release name: The.Last.Hope.Trump.vs.Mafia.Remastered-PLAZA
Size: 2.2GB
Links: SteamNFO

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