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Create a RESTful API with Laravel 5.0 => 5.1 and PHP

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Create a RESTful API with Laravel 5.0 => 5.1 and PHP

Create a RESTful API with Laravel 5.0 => 5.1 and PHP
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Develop a RESTful API with Laravel 5.0 to 5.1, from scratch. Dominate PHP and RESTful with Laravel.

Laravel 5.1 is te latest version for this framework for PHP. Is very expresive, simple but powerful, develop complex platforms and projects with few lines of code. Avoid the boilerplate code and focus in the functionality, not in the code.

During this course you are going to learn about Laravel 5.1, the PHP framework, and RESTful (¡Yes! is the latest version).

Learn about this on Laravel 5.1:

The new PHP artisan features.
Middleware for Laravel
Request controller
Requests validation
Resources controllers.
REST controllers in Laravel
Exceptions/Errors handling
Database Migrations
Database Seeds
Authentication in Laravel
Stateless authentication for RESTful API
CSRF protection with Laravel
OAuth2 Validation.
You are going to use Laravel to create a completely functional RESTful API from scratch with Laravel 5.1, the latest version for Laravel.

¡And much more! You will have access to all the classes for ever and access for periodical bonus classes all about PHP, Laravel 5.1 and the RESTful API.

Follow all the REST architecture and the best way to build URIs to identify resources and actions using the Laravel resources controllers for the RESTful API.

Hone all the features of your work tools (Sublime Text 3, Git, Github, Laravel, Composer, PHP artisan) and be more productive and efficient in your developments.

Learn to develop projects in a local environment within XAMPP for Windows (Apache and MySQL) and the appropriate configuration of your tools; create projects in local and carry them to a production environment in Linux, runing Nginx, PHP and MySQL and using Laravel in both environments.

Learn how to use Laravel 5.1 through the command prompt within PHP artisan to build an agile RESTful API for all the HTTP methods(GET, POST, PUT, PATCH y DELETE), insert data into our database using seeding and migrations.

At the end of this course you are going to have the capacity to develop your own RESTful API with Laravel 5.1 and PHP easily and faster, domain the new features, concepts and structure for the latest version of Laravel.

Create a RESTful API with Laravel 5.0 => 5.1 and PHP

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