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Lynda – Learning Chef

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Lynda - Learning Chef

Lynda - Learning Chef

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Genre: eLearning | Level: Beginner | Language: English
You can transform infrastructure into code using Chef—a powerful platform that provides automation solutions, a development kit, and more. This course explains how to use Chef architecture and tools to simplify and automate configuration management. Learn how to install Chef, configure settings, and more. Join Robin Beck as he shows you how to leverage recipes and cookbooks, deploy a Chef server, and take your infrastructure full scale by managing multiple nodes and resolving dependencies.

Topics include:
* Configuration management
* Using Chef
* Installing the Chef development kit (ChefDK)
* Provisioning a CentOS instance
* Using recipes and the Apache cookbook
* Working with nodes and node objects
* Using templates and embedded Ruby
* Hosting a Chef server
* Provisioning nodes with AWS
* Testing deployments with Kitchen
* Exploring the Chef Supermarket
* Resolving dependencies with Berkshelf
* Working with server roles, environments, and data bags
Lynda - Learning Chef
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  1. Lynda – 学习Chef 你可以使用Chef—一个强大的提供了自动化解决方案、开发工具等的平台,将基础架构转换为代码。本教程会为你讲解如何使用Chef架构和工具简化和自动化配置管理。学习如何安装Chef、配置设置等。与Robin Beck一起学习如何利用经验谈部署一个Chef服务器,通过管理多个节点和处理依存关系将你的基础架构全面地扩展。 主要内容:配置管理;使用Chef;安装Chef开发工具;建立一个CentOS实例;使用Apache秘籍;处理节点和节点对象;使用模板和嵌入式Ruby;建立Chef服务器;使用AWS建立节点;使用Kitchen测试部署;了解Chef Supermarket;使用Berkshelf处理依存;处理服务器角色、环境和数据包。
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