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Advanced C++ Mocking Using Google Mock

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Advanced C++ Mocking Using Google Mock
Advanced C++ Mocking Using Google Mock
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Writing unit tests is not trivial. In this course, you'll learn how to succeed using a powerful tool, Google Mock. It has become the standard mocking framework for C++ developers who want to write high quality code faster.

Writing unit tests looks simple in blogs, books, and tutorials. However, it can be quite difficult when attempted in the real world where real code has dependencies that make unit testing difficult. The solution is to isolate unit tests using mocks, stubs, and fakes. Using mocks is crucial for any developer who attempts to unit test his code. In this course, Advanced C++ Mocking Using Google Mock, you'll learn how to fake dependencies in C++ using Google Mock. First, you'll learn about how to make unit tests simpler and more predictable using mocks. Next, you'll explore how to run Google Mock with different unit testing frameworks, and cover mocking frameworks best practices. Finally, you'll learn useful unit testing patterns for existing legacy code. By the end of this course, you'll have a working knowledge of mocking frameworks and Google Mock, and you'll be able to efficiently unit test any code.

Advanced C++ Mocking Using Google Mock

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