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Blender 101 – Blender305: Character Sculpting

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Duration 5h 14m Project Files Included MP4

Title: Blender 101 – Blender305: Character Sculpting

In this course we will create a character using Blender’s sculpting tools. We will first create a base mesh using box modeling techniques, and then we will use Blender’s Multiresolution modifier to create high-resolution detail on the character. In subsequent courses we will bake the detail information to an image map so it can be used into a game engine.

27 videos, 5hrs 14mins

01. Preparing the References Images
02. Beginning the Base Mesh
03. Extruding the Arms
04. Creating the Hands
05. Finishing the Base Mesh
06. Beginning to Sculpt
07. Using the Mask Tool
08. Sculpting the Upper Arms
09. Working on the Torso
10. Sculpting the Lower Arms
11. Adjusting Proportions
12. Sculpting the Hand
13. Detailing the Fingers
14. Beginning the Face
15. Modeling the Eyeball
16. Finishing the Face
17. Sculpting the Boots
18. Using Retopology Tools for the Straps
19. Starting the Clothes and Accessories
20. Sculpting the Gloves
21. Adding Detail to the Gloves
22. Sculpting Cloth Folds
23. Adding a Texture to Sculpt Brushes
24. Modeling the Shoulder Armor
25. Using the Anchor Stroke Method
26. Creating the Fingernails
27. Sculpting the Ears

Blender305 Goblin Images Files

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