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Lynda – Employee Engagement

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Lynda - Employee Engagement

Lynda - Employee Engagement
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In this course, strategic HR expert and author Don Phin explains what employee engagement is, what engaged work and leadership look like, and how to bring these qualities to your organization. Don shares tested and proven techniques for how to attract, hire, and retain engaged employees. He explains how to keep that engagement growing through feedback, compensation, and other methods so that your most valuable people remain at your company. He also explains how you can measure and evaluate your engagement efforts.

Topics include:
* Exercising discretionary effort
* Attracting engaged employees
* Assessing the fit of employees
* Making onboarding more engaging
* Learning from new employees
* Provide opportunities for career growth
* Clarifying objectives
* Measuring engagement using surveys
* Being present for employees
* Driving engagement with fun
Lynda - Employee Engagement
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  1. Lynda - 员工敬业度 在本教程中,战略HR专家也是作家Don phin会讲解何为员工敬业度,敬业的工作和领导力看起来是什么样子,以及如何将这些品质带到你的企业中。Don会分享广为使用技术用于吸引、雇佣以及留住敬业的员工。他还会讲解如何将这些敬业度的增长通过反馈、补偿以及其他方法保持住,这样你的最有价值的员工会留在你的公司。他还会讲解如何衡量和评估你的敬业度效果。 主要内容:行使自由裁量的效果;吸引敬业的员工;人尽其用;让入职的更敬业;向新员工中学习;提供职业成长的机会;识别目标;使用调查衡量敬业;让员工脚踏实地;寓敬业于乐。
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