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Product Management for the Enterprise

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Product Management for the Enterprise

Product Management for the Enterprise

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Enterprise software product management is one of the most sought-after skills in technology today. This tutorial provides an insider's tip sheet on how to do this work with clarity and confidence. Whether you’re coming into PM from another business function, another field of software (like the consumer web), or from outside of the technology industry entirely, this course shows you exactly what you need to know to build, scale, and manage software products for the enterprise. You'll explore how PMs discover customer needs and pain points, gather market intelligence, and determine what needs to be built. You'll pick up the keys to working with your development and executive teams, and see why great product managers are not an organization’s sheepdogs, but their truth-tellers. You'll learn what success means for your product and how product managers should think about their future career plans.

Get an insider's look at what enterprise software product managers are and what they do
Explore the important differences between an enterprise PM versus a consumer PM
Learn the critical, tactical skills every enterprise software PM must have to succeed
Understand how the rise of SaaS radically transformed the product management function
Discover the secrets of planning, building, and shipping winning enterprise products

Product Management for the Enterprise

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  1. 企业级产品管理 企业级软件产品管理是当今科技界最热门的技能。本教程对如何自信而又具有远见地完成这项工作给出了行业专家的真知灼见。无论你是刚从另一个业务部门、软件领域(如消费级web)或是完全从科技的门外汉转到项目管理,那么本教程将会为你准确地讲解在开发、规划和管理企业级软件产品时所需要掌握的知识技能。你将会学习到PM如何发现客户需求和痛点所在,收集市场信息并决定开发所需要的是什么。你将会选出与你的开发和执行团队一起共事的关键员工,发现为何优秀的产品经理不是公司的看门狗而是用于说出事实的人。你将会学习产品的成功意味着什么以及产品经理如何该思考他们未来的职业生涯。 主要内容:掌握企业级软件产品经理应该掌握的第一手信息;了解企业级PM和消费级PM之间的重要区别;学习每个企业级软件PM需要掌握的重要的策略性技巧;了解快速崛起的Saas是如何彻底地改变了产品管理职能的;了解规划、开发和推出致胜的企业级产品的密码。
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