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Lynda – Amazon Web Services Essential Training

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Lynda - Amazon Web Services Essential Training

Lynda - Amazon Web Services Essential Training

Size: 630 MB | Duration: 5h 3m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15&30fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch
Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most widely used cloud platforms, and the go-to for many organizations looking to reduce costs by adopting a cloud infrastructure strategy. This course starts by examining cloud concepts and best practices. Next, it walks you through how to design your infrastructure to prevent failure. Then, you'll discover how to implement elasticity with automation, and strategies to decouple application components. Then, learn how to optimize for performance and for cost. Last, put concepts into practice by setting up the server-based architectures for a web application in addition to implementing a serverless approach using AWS API Gateway and Lambda.

Topics include:
* Benefits of cloud services
* Making architectures scalable
* Examining cloud constraints
* Virtual servers, EC2, and Elastic IP
* Using the Amazon machine image
* Elastic load balancing
* Using CloudWatch for monitoring
* Security Models
* Elastic block storage
* S3, CloudFront, and Elastic Beanstalk
* Handling queues, workflows, and notifications
* Caching options and services
* Identity and access management
* Creating a custom server image
* Application deployment strategies
* Serverless architectures
Lynda - Amazon Web Services Essential Training
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  1. Lynda - Amazon Web Services基础教程 AWS是最为广泛使用的云平台之一,对于许多寻求减少成本的企业来说,通过采用云基础架构策略实现了易用性。本教程会从回复云概念和最佳实践开始。接下来,会带你了解如何设计你的基础架构以阻止失败。然后,你将会学习如何弹性地自动部署,以及结构应用组件的策略。然后,会学习如何优化性能和成本。最后,除了使用AWS API网关和Lambda部署一个无服务器的方法,通过为一个web应用建立基于服务器的机构,从而实现将概念付诸于实践。 主要内容:云服务的优势;让架构更容易扩展;找到云的限制;虚拟服务器、EC2和静态IP;使用Amazon机器镜像;静态负载平衡;使用CloudWatch用于监控;安全模型;静态块存储;S3、CloudFont、静态Beanstalk;处理队列、工作流程和提示;缓存选项和服务;识别和访问管理;创建个性化服务器镜像;应用部署策略;无服务器架构。
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