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Getting Started with Kubernetes

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Getting Started with Kubernetes
Getting Started with Kubernetes
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Kubernetes is arguably the most important container management technology in the world. This course will teach you the theory and practical skills required to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Containers are here and we need a way to manage them. Kubernetes has emerged as one of the most important and exciting container management platforms. In this course, Getting Started with Kubernetes, you'll learn the fundamentals of Kubernetes and the 'Kubernetes way'. First, you'll dive into Kubernetes architecture, what the main components and services are, and how they come together to build a production-class container infrastructure. Next, you'll learn how to install and deploy Kubernetes on several cloud platforms. Finally, you'll delve into working with pods, deployments, and services. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid understanding of what Kubernetes is and how it works, as well as skills to deploy a Kubernetes cluster and simple applications.

Getting Started with Kubernetes

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  1. Kubernetes入门教程 容器需要管理。Kubernets作为最重要和激动人心的一款容器管理平台已经为众人所认识。在本教程中,你将学习Kubernets的基础知识。首先,你将深入了解其架构,其主要组件和服务,以及如何开发出产品级的容器架构。接下来,你将学习如何在集中云平台上安装和部署Kubernets。最后,你将深入实践pod、部署和服务。学习完本教程,你将扎实地了解何为Kubernets以及其工作原理,并能够部署Kubernets集群和简单应用。
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