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Building Websites with Foundation 6

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Building Websites with Foundation 6
Building Websites with Foundation 6
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Foundation 6 is one of the most popular front-end frameworks out there right now. This course will teach you how to build websites from prototype to production.

Building website prototypes from scratch is always a pain. Creating CSS from scratch to deal with layout structure, type, forms and other elements is also never fun. Fortunately, the Foundation front-end framework handles all of that, and much more. In this course, Building Websites with Foundation 6, you'll learn the steps of building websites with Foundation 6. First, you'll discover all of the ways you can get up and running with Foundation. This will include integrating Foundation as fast as possible, to using a CLI (Command Line Interface) for creating a more robust development environment. Next, you'll cover all of the topics that are necessary to using Foundation, such as using the grid system, typography, forms and more. Finally, you'll explore Foundation Plugins to take your projects even further. While you focus on all of these topics, you'll construct a single layout. In the very last video, you'll take this prototype layout and transform it into a polished website. By the end of this course, you should have a fantastic understanding of how to use Foundation as the basis for your next website project.

Building Websites with Foundation 6

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  1. Foundation 6网站开发 Foundation 6是一款时下最流行的的前端框架。本教程将会为你讲授如何从原型到产品的网站开发全流程。 零基础开发网站原型永远是一个痛点。从零开始创建CSS处理布局结构、类型、表单以及其他元素也非常无趣。幸运的是,Foundation前端框架会为你处理所有这些。在本教程中,你将会学习到使用Foundation 6开发网站的完整流程。首先,你将会学习快速上手Foundation。这包括尽可能地尽快整合Foundation,使用命令行姐们创建更强大的环境。接下来,你将会学习使用Foundation所必须的所有内容,如栅格系统、字体、表单等。最后,你将学习Foundation插件,这可以令你的项目有更大的空间。在你集中精力学习这些内容的时候,你将构建一个布局。最后,你将把这个原型布局转换为一个漂亮的网站。学习完本教程后,你可以掌握如何使用Foundation最为你的下一个网站项目的基础了。
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