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Beyond Enemy Lines Operation Arctic Hawk-PLAZA

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《深入敌后(Beyond Enemy Lines)》是Polygon Art制作发行的一款潜入类第一人称射击游戏。想好你的潜入路径,观察敌人的行动并潜入到他们的基地完成你的任务。你可以自由选择前进的方法,正面突击还是隐蔽地刺杀,完全由你来决定。这款游戏非常考验玩家的技巧和战略思考能力,每次失误都可能造成很严重的后果。

Here’s the situation: Zykov escaped on your last mission, he is still our priority target. Intel was able to locate an arms dealer with a connection to Zykov in this region. We don’t know who he is or his exact location, but we hope to receive more information about Zykov’s whereabouts from him. We had another Agent on the mission to observe and arrest him, his signal was lost 12 hours ago. Intel thinks he was takes hostage by the arms dealer somewhere around this region.

This is your objective: locate and rescue our agent and retrieve as much information as possible. We need names, locations and all the data you can find!


  • New, 4 mission long story with ~2-3h playtime
  • 4 new weapons
  • New engine features: Night Missions and dynamic weather changes
  • New mission objective structure: Hostage Rescue

Unlocks Editor content:
Operation: Arctic Hawks unlocks all winter themed placeable objects for the ingame editor*. This DLC is only required if you want to create winter themed missions with the ingame editor, you can always play winter themed missions even if you don’t own Operation: Arctic Hawk.

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Polygon Art
Publisher: Polygon Art

Release name: Beyond.Enemy.Lines.Operation.Arctic.Hawk-PLAZA
Size 3.84GB
Links: SteamNFO

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