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Python: Machine and Deep Learning with Python

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Python: Machine and Deep Learning with Python

Python: Machine and Deep Learning with Python

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Do you want to explore the various arenas of machine learning and deep learning by creating insightful and interesting projects? If yes, then this Learning Path is ideal for you!

Machine learning and deep learning gives you unimaginably powerful insights into data. Both of these fields are increasingly pervasive in the modern data-driven world.

This Learning Path begins with covering the basics-to-advanced-level concepts of Python. Then, you’ll explore a range of real-life scenarios where machine learning can be used, and look at various building blocks. Throughout the course, you’ll use a wide variety of machine learning algorithms to solve real-world problems and use Python to implement these algorithms. You’ll also learn a range of regression techniques, classification algorithms, predictive modeling, data visualization techniques, recommendation engines, and more with the help of real-world examples. There are six different independent projects that will help you master machine learning in Python. Finally, you’ll learn to build intelligent systems using deep learning with Python.

By the end of this Learning Path, you should be able to build your own machine learning and deep learning models.

Python: Machine and Deep Learning with Python

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  1. Python:机器和深度学习 你想要通过创建深刻而又有趣的项目了解机器学习和深度学习所应用的领域吗?如果是的话,本教程适用于你。 机器学习和深度学习可以为你带来无法想象的对数据的洞察力。这些领域都是当今数据驱动的世界所需要的。 本教程将从Python基础到高级的概念开始。然后,你将学习一系列真实生活中机器学习应用的案例,并了解各种构建块。贯穿整个教程,你将使用各种机器学习算法解决真实的问题,使用Python实现这些算法。你还会学习系列递归技术,分类算法、预测模型,数据可视化技术,推荐引擎以及更多真实的案例。六个不同的项目将会帮助你掌握机器学习中的Python。最后,你将学习使用Python中的深度学习开发智能系统。
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