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All about Arduino Wireless

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All about Arduino Wireless

All about Arduino Wireless

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A complete course on using your Arduino to communicate data wirelessly

This through course on wireless arduino communications will give students an in-depth understanding of wireless communications utilizing Arduino with inexpensive wireless transmitters, receivers and transceivers. We will go over most of the popular and least expensive methods, tools, and associated hardware to pass data wirelessly between devices and over networks. Students will learn how to configure, develop, and program these popular and cheap wireless devices to trigger an event or pass data between devices. Students will be able to thoroughly grasp the concepts of transmitting data:

*Between Arduinos

* Arduino data to a PC

* Arduino data to the "Cloud"

* Arduino to Putty and Teraterm

* Arduino to SD Card for Datalogging

* Arduino to ThingSpeak for graphics

Hardware and Tools

315 MHz transmitters

nRF2401+ (Nordic radio Transceivers)


Ethernet Shield based on the popular WIZnet 5100 chip

Wireless Shield based n the popular TI CC3000 chip

Students will learn how to manipulate each of the wireless libraries, functions, and protocols to meet the requirements of a wireless network. we will cover not only simple wireless over the "air" , Students will also acquire the knowledge needed to use wireless Wifi chips and Ethernet to pass data to the web with, and without, a computer.

All about Arduino Wireless

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  1. 本课程利用arduino 与廉价的无线发射机, 接收机和收发器来使学生深入了解无线通信。我们将研究大多数热门和廉价的方法、工具和相关硬件, 以便在设备和网络之间通过无线方式传递数据。学生将学习如何配置、开发和编程这些流行和廉价的无线设备, 以触发事件或在设备之间传递数据。学生将能够彻底掌握传输数据的概念
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