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Writing Haskell Programs

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Writing Haskell Programs

Writing Haskell Programs

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Haskell is a powerful, purely functional programming language that allows developers to express their designs elegantly and succinctly. Modern Haskell tools such as Cabal and Stack also allow developers to build and manage large and complex systems and to consume a vast array of high-quality open source libraries.

First we will start this course by learning how to edit , build and test our Haskell code. Then we will learn how to create modules in Haskell. We will learn about the various Haskell repositories and how to use them.Once we have our Haskell package in place we will end by testing our package using third-party ecosystems.

This course builds on the foundations provided by the Fundamentals of Practical Haskell Programming course and helps to bridge the gap between introductory and advanced Haskell by teaching you how to manage and develop complex programs. We'll also dispel the myth that Haskell is only useful for toy programs.

This course covers the important parts of the Haskell development process that are frequently neglected by beginner-level tutorials.

Writing Haskell Programs

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  1. Haskell是一种功能强大的纯函数式编程语言, 允许开发者简洁明了地表达他们的设计。 首先, 我们将通过学习如何编辑、构建和测试Haskell代码来开始本课程。然后, 我们将学习如何使用Haskell创建模块。我们将了解各种不同的信息存储库以及如何使用它们。一旦我们有了我们的软件包的地方, 我们将不再通过第三方的生态系统测试我们的包。 这门课程涵盖了在开过程中经常被初学者忽略的重要部分。
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