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Manage Windows Server Infrastructure With Active Directory

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Manage Windows Server Infrastructure With Active Directory
Manage Windows Server Infrastructure With Active Directory
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This course is designed for all levels of networking and IT practitioners who want to improve their skills, implement sophisticated and collaborative working environment in their organizations and continue to be in great demand as networking and IT engineers. This Windows and administration course will teach you how to deploy and manage sophisticated Windows Active Directory Domain (ADDS) Infrastructure. Windows Server is a tried enterprise operating system which powers a large portion of enterprises and small to mid-range companies. Active Directory is one of the core features which enables collaborative, secure and accessible network environment for every department of the organization. Over the years Microsoft has put in a lot of effort and investment into making Windows Server a very robust and scalable system which can scale to global scale in a multi-user and multi-team environments. By honing these skills, you will be chased by recruiters and companies who are looking to hire professionals with experience on Windows Server and Active Directory. This course aims at teaching networking, IT, software and DevOps engineers what it takes to improve your skills, experience, and techniques to earn more money. You will start with the basics and tackle how to install and configure Windows Server and AD. You will get familiar with the Windows Server ecosystem. You will get familiar with a bunch of very useful services and management tools in the Windows Server ecosystem. You'll then dive into the different hands-on exercises to implement a real-world networked environment for a Windows domain. Windows Server 2012, Active Directory Domain, DNS Services.

Manage Windows Server Infrastructure With Active Directory

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  1. 使用活动目录管理Windows Server基础架构 本教程被设计用于各类层次的希望提高他们的技能,在组织中部署复杂和协作工作环境的,成为不可或缺的网络和IT人士们。本教程将会为你带来如何部署和管理复杂的Windows活动目录域基础架构。 Windows Server是一款支持者众多大型和中小型企业的企业级操作系统。活动目录是一个可以用于每个组织部分的支持协作、安全以及可访问的网络环境的功能。在过去几年中,微软已经投入了大量精力和投资,令Windows Server 成为一款强大的、可扩展的系统,并可以在一个多用户和多团队环境中扩展到全球范围。 通过磨炼这些技能,你将被那些有活动目录需求的猎头和企业所青睐。本教程的目的是要教给网络、IT、软件和运维工程师拥有何种的技巧、经验和技术才能获得更高收入。你将从基础的如何安装和配置Windows Server和AD开始,熟悉一下Windows Server生态系统。在熟悉了大量的非常有用的服务和管理工具后,你将深入到不同的实践练习中去部署一个真正的用于Windows域的网络环境。
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