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All-in-One Introduction to Programming

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All-in-One Introduction to Programming
All-in-One Introduction to Programming
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All-in-One Introduction to Programming is designed to give you the foundational skills that are important for any type of programming you want to do. You'll learn to code web pages, create a mobile application, and use external data sources.

In this course, you will get to know 5 different languages, compilers, and editors for programming and then you will use HTML5 and CSS3 to build your own company website. As you have successfully stepped into the world of programming, you will now delve into one of the most commonly used Android systems and build an amazing Android application for your company. Next you will master Python and start scripting to build your own Hello World Program. For many people, C++ is just a dream but you will easily master this language and program your Hello World App with C++. Now since you know 5 top languages, you can create a good résumé, create online visibility, and forge ahead in your career.

You'll understand several aspects of application development and we guarantee that, by the end of the video, you'll have your very own application up-and-running. For the brave at heart, we also have exercises, at the end of each chapter, which will intrigue you and encourage you to add your own personal touch to the code (and ultimately your application).

All-in-One Introduction to Programming

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  1. 编程入门全集 本教程旨在为你带去进行任何类型的编程时都需要掌握的基础性技巧。你将学习编辑网页、创建移动应用以及使用外部数据源。 在本教程中,你将学习5种不同的语言、编译器以及用于编程的编辑器。然后你将使用HTML5和CSS3开发你自己的企业网站。当你成功地步入编程世界的时候,你将深入到最广泛使用的安卓系统学习,并开发一款企业用的令人喜欢的安卓应用。接下来,你将学习Python,开始编辑你的第一个hello world程序。对于许多人来说,c++只是一个梦,但是你将轻松地掌握这门语言,并编辑的c++版的Hello World程序。凭借这5种语言,你可以写出一个漂亮的简历、创建在线展示以及在你的职业生涯中突飞猛进。 你将学习应用开发的几个方面,并且我们保证在学习完本教程,你将开发出你自己马上就能使用的程序。对于有毅力的人,我们还在每章的结束准备了练习,这可以激发和鼓励你多接触代码。
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