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ASP.NET MVC: HTTP Request Life Cycle

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ASP.NET MVC: HTTP Request Life Cycle
ASP.NET MVC: HTTP Request Life Cycle
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Learn the architecture of the MVC framework by exploring the life cycle of an HTTP request as it travels through the ASP.NET MVC framework. This course educates developers about the major steps in the request life cycle, as well as how to extend and customize them when appropriate. Instead of focusing on MVC coding and how to build applications, this course dives into the relationships between the components that comprise the request pipeline. The inner workings of the MVC framework are discussed where applicable, such as controller factories, dependency resolvers, and result execution.

ASP.NET MVC: HTTP Request Life Cycle

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  1. ASP.NET MVC: HTTP请求声明周期 通过一个HTTP请求在ASP.NET MVC框架中的运行,学习MVC框架的架构。本教程为开发者讲授请求声明周期中的主要步骤,以及如何在适合的时候扩展和定制他们。与集中于MVC代码和如何开发应用不同,本教程会深入到组成请求管道的组件关系中。MVC框架的内部工作也会学习到,如controller factories、dependency resolvers以及结果执行。
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