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DevOps Foundations: Site Reliability Engineering

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DevOps Foundations: Site Reliability Engineering
DevOps Foundations: Site Reliability Engineering
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Site reliability engineering (SRE) is an emerging paradigm in DevOps. The biggest names in tech—companies like Google, Netflix, Microsoft, and LinkedIn—all use SRE. In fact, industry wide, "site reliability engineer" is replacing "DevOps engineer" in job posts. Simply put, SRE is software engineering applied to operations—for the cloud native era. This course introduces the basics of site reliability engineering, including how SRE fits into DevOps and how it can be integrated into your unique business environment. Instructors Ernest Mueller and James Wickett cover the major areas of expertise, including release engineering, change management, incident management and retrospectives, self-service automation, troubleshooting, performance, and deliberate adversity. Learn how to define reliability through SLAs and SLOs, handle crisis, design distributed systems, and scale your systems and your team. Plus, explore time and project management strategies that bring humanity back to the SRE's job.

DevOps Foundations: Site Reliability Engineering

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  1. 运维基础:站点可靠性工程 网站可靠性工程(SRE)是运维领域新兴的概念。大牌科技公司,如顾客、网飞、微软和领英都使用SRE。实际上,业界正在使用“网站可靠性工程”来替换运维工程这样的工作岗位名称。简而言之,SRE是云原生时代的软件工程应用于运营。本教程介绍了SRE的基础知识,包括SRE如何融入运维,以及如何整合到你的独特业务环节。讲师Ernest Mueller和James Wickett会讲到主要的专业领域,包括发布工程、变更管理、事件管理和回顾、自我服务自动化、拍错、性能和困境中的积极作为。学习如何通过SLA和SLO定义可靠性,处理危机、设计分布式系统以及规划系统和你的团队。另外,还会学习将人文关怀带回到sRE工作中的时间和项目管理策略。
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