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DevOps Fundamentals

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DevOps Fundamentals
DevOps Fundamentals
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DevOps is becoming a reality in the IT workplace. Being able to master and manage the basic tools for DevOps is the first step towards success.

This video course follows a unique approach to modern DevOps using cutting-edge tools and technologies such as Ansible, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud Platform.

This video course starts by explaining the organizational alignment that has to happen in every company that wants to implement DevOps in order to be effective, and the use of cloud datacenters in combination with the most advanced DevOps tools to get the best out of a small team of skilled engineers. It also delves into how to use Kubernetes to run your applications in Google Cloud Platform, minimizing the friction and hassle of maintaining a cluster but ensuring its high availability.

In this course you are going to learn how to use Ansible to manipulate remote servers in a structured and organized manner and set up the required level of continuous integration tools to automate the full pipeline.

The code bundle for this video course is available at

DevOps Fundamentals

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  1. DevOps基础 DevOps 正成为IT工作中的一项。能够掌握和管理用于DevOps 的基础工具是迈向成功的第一步。 本教程使用最新的工具和技术,如Ansible, Kubernetes和Google Cloud Platform,用一种独特的方法讲解现代DevOps 。 本教程从讲解发生在每一个希望有效地部署DevOps ,以及使用云数据中心和最高级的DevOps 工具,以求的从一个有由经验的工程师所组成的小型团队中获得效益最大的公司的组织调整开始。教程还会深入讲解如何使用Kubernets将你的应用运行在Google Cloud Platform,将维护集群和确保高可用性之间的矛盾降到最低。 在本教程中,你将学习如何以一种结构化和有组织的方式,使用Ansible操作远程服务器和建立持续整合工具自动化全面管道所需的各种级别。
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