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Getting Started with Reactive Programming with Kotlin

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Getting Started with Reactive Programming with Kotlin
Getting Started with Reactive Programming with Kotlin
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Reactive programming has become a trend for software companies, especially if they have services used by thousands of users in the cloud. Using asynchronous computation when deploying into the cloud is a must-have, as companies are billed by the second for CPU power.

As a developer, you can write asynchronous code, but scaling problems and keeping control of concurrency makes it very challenging. It reduces the complexity of writing async code by using the functional programming paradigm. This allows you to write code in a manageable way with a high level of abstractions, making nested callbacks a thing of the past.

In this practical course, you’ll first learn how to view problems in a reactive way, and then build programs that leverage the best features of this exciting new programming paradigm. You’ll then begin with the general concepts of reactive programming and then gradually move on to working with asynchronous data streams. You’ll dive into advanced techniques such as customizing operators and providers and see how to use the concurrency model to control the asynchronicity of code and process event handlers effectively. You’ll also explore Coroutines, another exciting topic.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to bring these reactive programming techniques into play by writing code with reduced complexity, a high level of abstraction, and increased efficiency.

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Getting Started with Reactive Programming with Kotlin

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  1. 使用Kotlin进行反应式编程 反应式编程已经成为了软件公司的一致趋势,尤其是当他们的服务有上千个云端用户的时候。当部署到云端的时候,使用异步计算是一种必须要使用的方法,因为企业的账单是随着CPU的消耗而增长的。 作为一名开发者,你可以编写异步代码,但是规划问题和保持对并发的控制令其极具挑战。其通过使用函数编程范式,减少了编写异步代码的复杂度。这可以令你以一种可控的,并带有高度抽象的方式编写代码,从而令嵌套调用成为过去式。 在这部实用的教程中,你将首先学习如何以一种反应式的方式看问题,然后使用这种激动人心的编程范式最好的功能开发程序。接下来,你将学习反应式编程的常见概念,然后逐渐地学习处理异步数据流。你将深入到高级技术,如定制运算器和提供器,并了解如何使用并发模型控制异步代码,并有效地处理事件调用。你还会了解另一个激动人心的主题Coroutines。 学习完本教程,你将能够将这些反应式编程技术带到编写低复杂度、高度抽象以及高效的代码中。
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