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Python for Everyday Life

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Python for Everyday Life
Python for Everyday Life
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Instructor: Claudio Sparpaglione

Make your day and master the Python: a powerful and versatile language and ecosystem that can help you save time and money.

Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. It has efficient high-level data structures and a simple but effective approach to object-oriented programming. Python’s elegant syntax and dynamic typing, together with its interpreted nature, make it an ideal language for scripting and rapid application development in many areas on most platforms.

This video course is about leveraging the Python programming language and its thriving ecosystem to save yourself time and money when doing common routine tasks. Nobody wants to do boring and time-consuming tasks: days have 24 hours and you should squeeze out the most of this time for yourself - automating the boring tasks gives you back time to focus on what you really like to do. Moreover, this is also the chance for you to learn a great general-purpose language such as Python, with which you can build very cool applications both at work and in your spare time.

The course is structured as an incremental learning path: you will start with a deep-dive into Python software development basics, then move on to write scripts to automate file system operations and file contents processing on your local host, then you will learn how to interact with web-based services such as websites and APIs in order to robotize the cool things that we do everyday - such as tweeting, posting to social networks, reading RSS feeds, etc. - moreover you will practice how to set up a web-based services yourself in the form of web applications and in the end you will learn how to analyze and visualize datasets in order to extract knowledge.

By the end of this course you will have learned how to proficiently write structured Python code in a wide range of applications – from one-liner scripts to complex web applications – aiming at the automation of lots of common everyday life tasks.

What You Will Learn

Automate the execution of lots of common everyday life tasks using Python
Write Python code proficiently in a structured fashion
Identify the boundaries of a coding problem and spot the best libraries to solve it
Design and Implement a wide range of applications from simple stand-alone one-liner scripts to complex web applications depending on external services
Manipulate efficiently and visualize data as a way to make informed decisions

Python for Everyday Life

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  1. 日常生活中的Python 利用你的每一天掌握Python:一门可以帮助你节省时间和金钱的强大的全面的语言和生态系统。 Python是一门简单易学,强大的编程语言。其具有高效的高级数据结构和简单却又有效的OOP方法。Python优雅的语法和动态类型,伴随着其易于理解的本质,令其成为多个平台上许多领域中脚本和快速应用开发的理性语言。 本教程是关于利用Python编程语言及其蓬勃的生态系统,为你在做日常工作时节省时间的金钱的。没有人希望做令人生厌的重复性工作:每天24小时的重复,你应该挤出属于你自己的时间——让模型常规任务自动化。并且,这还是你学习一门多用途语言的机会,通过Python你可以在工作和业余时间开发出新奇的应用。 本教程的结构为渐进式学习:你将从了解Python软件开发的基础开始,然后是编写脚本令本地主机上的文件系统操作和文件内容处理自动化,接下来你将学习如何与机遇web的服务,如网站和API交互,让我们媒体都要做的工作自动化,如发推文、发布社交媒体文章、读推送等。此外,你自己还将实践如何以web应用的形式建立基于web的服务,在最后你将学习如何分析和可视化数据集用以提取知识。 学习完本教程,你将掌握如何有效地通过编写结构和Python代码开发一系列应用,从一行脚本到复杂的web应用,旨在令媒体生活中的工作自动化。
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