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Java EE 8 JSON Processing with JSON-B

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Java EE 8 JSON Processing with JSON-B
Java EE 8 JSON Processing with JSON-B
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Your Most Comprehensive Guide To JSON Processing on the next generation Java EE 8

The Complete Java EE 8 JSON Processing Course is your ultimate guide to processing JSON with the powerful JSON-B in Java EE 8. You will understand how to map Plain Old Java Objects to JSON and vice versa. You will also learn how to customize the binding process to suit your specific use case. This course will teach you how to integrate JSON-B into the Java API for RESTful Web Services and build powerful applications that can exchange data in the lingua franca of the web - JSON.

This course isn't just about JSON processing with the Java EE 8 JSON-B API though, it is also about teaching you what Java EE is and along the way you will learn

What Java EE really is
What the Java Community Process (JCP) is and what it does
What a Java Specification Request (JSR) is
How Java EE is evolved
How you can contribute to Java EE
What the latest is on Java EE 8
How to keep abreast of Java EE 8 development and much much more

The Complete Java EE 8 JSON Processing Course is your complete resource to mastering the newest API on the Java EE platform. So if you have ever desired to master JSON processing with the Java EE APIs without any third party libraries, then sign up to this course by clicking the big green button to enroll now. With Udemy's helpful 30-day money back guarantee, you have no reason to not add another important Java EE skill to your toolset. So sign up now and see you in the course.

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  1. Java EE 8使用JSON-B处理JSON 你的最全面的使用下一代Java ee 8学习JSON处理的教程。 本教程是你的使用JSON-B,在Java EE 8中处理JSON的终极教程。你将会学习如何双向地映射传统的Java对象到JSON。你还将休息如何定制绑定处理,来满足你的特定案例的要求。本教程将会讲授如何将JSON-B整合到用于RESTful Web服务的Java API中,并开发强大的能够以web通用语言JSON交换数据的应用。 通过本教程的学习,你可以: • 了解何为JCP以及其功能 • 了解何为JSR • 了解Java EE的演变 • 知道如何为Java EE做出贡献 最新的Java EE 8的新功能
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