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Advanced Consumer Behavior

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Advanced Consumer Behavior
Advanced Consumer Behavior
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A diverse and fascinating array of factors influence even the simplest buying decisions. Understanding the driving forces behind why your customers buy from you—or opt for a competitor's product—can empower you to reach key consumers. In this course, join thought leader Michael Solomon as he takes a deep dive into the internal and external forces that influence consumer behavior.

First, learn the importance of consumer behavior in helping us understand when, why, and how purchasing decisions are made. Michael shares how factors such as color, shape, and sound influence our perception of brands and products. He discusses gender identity and products geared towards different genders, as well as how consumer lifestyles, values, and attitudes affect product preferences. Michael also goes into external influences on consumer behavior, covering how groups make decisions and how ideas spread. Finally, Michael explores the role emotion plays in purchase decisions, and how you can structure messages to maximize persuasion.

Advanced Consumer Behavior

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  1. 高级消费者行为 一系列多样的吸引人的因素会影响哪怕最简单的购买决策。理解为何你的顾客从你处购买的驱动力,或选择一款竞争对手的产品,可以为你带来基础到关键消费者的能力。在本教程中,与思想大师Michael Solomon一起深入探讨营销消费者行为的内外因素。 首先,学习消费者行为的重要可以帮助我们理解何时、为何以及如何做出的购买决定。作者会分享注入颜色、形状和声音等营销我们对品牌和产品认知的因素。他还会讲到性别身份和产品对性别的不同,以及影响着产品偏好的消费者生活方式、价值和态度。作者还会深入讲解影响消费者行为的外部因素,团体如何做出决策以及想法是如何传播的。最后,作者会介绍角色情绪在购买决策中所扮演的角色,以及你如何可以构建信息将认知最大化。
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