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Programming a news site from scratch using Node.js

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The entire course teaches you how to use node.js in building sophisticated web sites

What Will I Learn?
Build an integrated news site
Understanding how to program using node js
Build systems 10 times faster than any other web-based system
Building systems and games operate in real time
Construction of electronic bank sites and profit from them because the news site and banks in the programming the same
Dealing with mysql databases using node js
Dealing with templates and how to use them

Pc and any thing operation system
A sophisticated script editor
A program node js
A program notepad++
Browser software

In this course I explain all the properties of node.js used in the programming of websites on the Internet with high speed and efficiency and ten times faster than the programming languages used in programming applications and websites such as php so you must patience in learning and not bored because language node.js language Difficult to learn and difficult to understand so you will find in my explanation that I stand on many particles until I implement correctly and deliberately in this course to develop problems and solve other videos so that the student to understand and solve these errors when it is programmed in any site other than the site used by the choir
If you have this course, you can program a complete and advanced news site using node.js

I have separated each section so that the student can return to any department easily and you programmed the management system so that the site administrator can control the entire site of the board such as changing the name of the site and change the status of the site from open to closed and also designed the system of entry of members to the site and publication of publications and upload images inside Publications also specify any section that follows this publication

You have also programmed a page that displays all publications published by the member with several options such as deleting the publication or the option to modify and update the publication and also programmed the registration system of the members of the site and make sure whether the registered email exists in the database or not if it exists telling the registered member to register I have also programmed the system of protection of pages from intrusion and the inability to access these pages only when the user logged on to the site and so I make this a success I have used a library that saves the sessions of the browser and user data when logged in

I can not list all the advantages of the course so you must subscribe to the course to all its advantages and develop from yourself in the use of node.js technology in the programming of Internet sites.

Who is the target audience?
Anyone loves node js
Who deal with real-time and actual applications
Who wants to build a social networking site
Who wants to build an auction site
People who deal with banks

Programming a news site from scratch using Node.js

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  1. 使用Node.js开发新网站 本教程将会为你带来如何使用Node.js开发一个复杂的网站。 你将会学习到: • 开发一个完整的新网站 • 理解如何使用Node.js编程 • 比任何基于web的系统都快十倍地开发系统 • 实时地开发系统和游戏 • 开发电子银行网站,并从中盈利 • 使用Node.js处理MySQL数据库 • 处理模板和使用它们 学习要求: • 会操作电脑 • 有一款复杂的脚本编辑器 • 能够编辑Node.js • 下载多个版本的浏览器
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