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The Essential Android O Developer Course (Java)

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$150 | Duration: hours | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48000 Hz, 2 Ch | 3.2 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | 38 Supplemental Resources
Created by Jason Fedin | Last updated 4/2018

Learn everything in detail on how to write apps in Android O using Java

What Will I Learn?

Create and Run your first mobile application
Write Efficient and High Quality Android applications
Understand how to compile and test Android Applications using Android Studio
Learn all aspects of Android development from beginner topics to advanced
Learn how to Design and Implement Graphical User Interfaces in Android
Learn how to integrate databases into an android application to store persistent data
Learn how to submit apps to the Google Play Store and generate revenue with ads and in-app purchases
Learn about using Fragments for dynamic User Interfaces with multiple screen sizes
Understand how to implement mobile apps using the Java Programming Language
Learn Many more Android concepts!!!


A computer running Microsoft Windows, Linux or the Mac operating systems
Students should have at least 4GB of ram on their computer


Students will learn to program mobile applications using the Java programming language on an Android platform. This will include covering such topics as: the Android Life Cycle, Android Resources, User Interface Design and Implementation, User Interface Controls such as buttons and textfields, Database Interaction, Location Based services, Maps, the Google Play Services APIs, Firebase,Fragments, and various other topics. This course helps students understand the Android platform and its various Application Programming Interfaces. By the end of this course you will be able to write your own Android applications using all aspects of the Android Platform and its API. You will be able to submit your apps to the Google Play Store and understand how to monetize your app

If you have previously used Java on an Android platform, I'm sure this course will deepen your understanding of it. If you have never used it, no problem, you will see that there is a viable alternative to the ubiquitous IOS and iPhone development.

Throughout the course, you can always contact me personally to get help when you're stuck. I check the discussions regularly to help you at every step along the way.

Lastly, this course is constantly updated and refined based on student feedback. I really appreciate each and every of my students so I listen to your feedback and act on it.

Who is the target audience?
This course is for anyone who would like to create android mobile applications with either no previous experience or very little.

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  1. 学生将学习使用 Java 编程语言在 Android 平台上编程移动应用程序。这将包括以下主题: android 生命周期, android 资源, 用户界面设计和实现, 用户界面控制, 如按钮和 textfields, 数据库交互, 基于位置的服务, 地图, 谷歌播放服务 api、Firebase、片段和其他各种主题。本课程帮助学生了解 Android 平台及其各种应用程序编程接口。到本课程结束时, 您将能够使用 android 平台及其 API 的各个方面编写自己的 android 应用程序。您将能够提交您的应用程序到谷歌游戏商店, 并了解如何用自己编写的APP赚钱。 如果你以前在 Android 平台上使用过 Java, 我相信这门课程会加深你对它的理解。如果你从来没有使用过它, 没有问题, 你会看到有一个可行的替代无处不在的 IOS 和 iPhone 的开展平台。 在整个课程中, 如果有什么疑问的话,您可以随时与我联系, 以获得帮助时。我定期检查相关的讨论, 以帮助您走好一路前进的每一步。 最后, 本课程是根据学生反馈不断更新和完善的。我真的很感谢每一个学生, 所以我会倾听你的反馈, 并采取行动。 谁是目标受众? 这门课程是为任何人想创建 android 移动应用程序的准备的, 无论是之前有无相关经验。
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