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SharePoint at Work: Using Delve with SharePoint

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SharePoint at Work: Using Delve with SharePoint

SharePoint at Work: Using Delve with SharePoint
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This course will teach you how Delve can make tasks easier by surfacing your recent content, as well as that of your co-workers, in one central location.

Office 365, SharePoint, and OneDrive make it easy to create, store, and collaborate on projects whether on your, own or with colleagues. However, it can be a difficult task to keep track of everything you’re working on. In this course, SharePoint at Work: Using Delve with SharePoint, you will learn how Delve can help you find and retrieve your most recent content, as well as the content of your colleagues. Delve can also help you connect to, and learn more about, your co-workers. First, you will learn about the Office Graph and how Delve uses it to connect you to content and colleagues. Then, you will see how content is added to Delve and the various ways it surfaces relevant content for you. Next, you learn how to organize content in Delve by creating and using Boards and Favorites. Finally, you will discover how to protect certain documents from being surfaced in Delve to those who shouldn’t have access to them, by managing privacy settings of libraries, folders, and documents. When you’re finished with this course, you will understand how Delve works, and how it can help you to find, retrieve, and organize all of your content throughout your Office 365 SharePoint, and OneDrive, and how to share content with colleagues, and keep sensitive content private.

SharePoint at Work: Using Delve with SharePoint

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  1. 工作中的SharePoint:与SharePoint一起使用Delve 本教程将会为你带来Delve如何能够通过将你以及工作伙伴最近的内容在一个中心点如何展示出来。 对你和同事来说,Office 365、SharePoint和OneDrive让创建、存储和项目协作变得简单。然而,跟踪你所处理的每件事是一项困难的工作。在本教程中,你将会学习到Delve如何能够帮助你找到和检索你最近的内容,以及同事的内容。Delve还可以帮助你连接到同事。首先,你将会学习到Office Graph以及Delve如何用其连接你、内容和同事。然后,你将学习内容如何被添加到Delve以及各种展示内容的方式。接下来,你将学习如何通过创建和使用面板和偏好在Delve中组织内容。最后,你将学习如何通过管理库、文件夹和文档的隐私,保护某些文档免受非授权的访问。当你学习完本教程,你将理解Delve工作的原理,以及如何帮助找到、建设和组织Office 365 SharePoint和OneDrive中的内容,以及如何与同事分享内容和包含敏感内容的隐私。
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