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Strata + Hadoop World 2016 – San Jose, California – Data-driven Business

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Strata + Hadoop World 2016 - San Jose, California - Data-driven Business
Strata + Hadoop World 2016 - San Jose, California - Data-driven Business
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What's gone horribly wrong. . .and how you can protect yourself - Farrah Bostic (The Difference Engine), Paul Soldera (Equation Research) 00:43:35
The rise of the data selfie - Trina Chiasson (Tableau Software) 00:15:38
The future of data and culture - Leah Hunter (Tech Journalist), Amber Case (Esri), Todd Harple (Intel), Claire Michell (Temboo) 00:27:35
Big data sustainability: An environmental management systems analogy - Jonathan King (Ericsson) 00:24:20
Kosher collection: Best practices in data handling - Charles Givre (Booz | Allen | Hamilton) 00:18:23
Three rules every mobile product needs to follow to be successful - Sophie-Charlotte Moatti (Products That Count) 00:23:16
Mapping the matrix: Open cartography with scientific and spatial data - Aurelia Moser (Mozilla Science) 00:24:23
US EPA: A data-driven decision-making agency - Robin Thottungal (US Environmental Protection Agency) 00:16:44
My AlgorithmicMe: Our representation in data - Joerg Blumtritt (Datarella), Majken Sander ( 00:17:40
Stream science: Measuring the new currency of the music industry - Jonathan Gosier (AuDigent) 00:15:56
Making on-demand grocery delivery profitable with data science - Jeremy Stanley (Instacart) 00:21:38
Virtual reality for immersive data visualization - Bob Levy (Virtual Cove) 00:18:32
You have more data than you think. Time to put it to work - Jana Eggers (Nara Logics) 00:13:51
The power of personalization in the travel industry using big data - Sara Ahmadian (Seamless Planet) 00:06:50
How cognitive computing is changing data science for the better - Michael Ludden (IBM Watson) 00:23:29
Afraid of the future? You should be. Deep learning is eating your lunch—and mine. - Arno Candel ( 00:25:33
From drop to deluge: The upcoming wave of enterprise drone data - Keith Bigelow (3D Robotics) 00:25:50
Machine vision is making sense of the explosion of data from space - James Crawford (Orbital Insight) 00:30:34
Opportunities for hardware acceleration in data analytics - Kanu Gulati (Zetta Venture Partners) 00:25:48
Deploying deep learning at scale - Naveen Rao (Nervana) 00:29:21
Virtual reality in 2016 and in the future - Timoni West (Unity Labs) 00:25:38
Network intelligence at LinkedIn - Michael Conover (LinkedIn) 00:27:51
Data science 3.0: Empowering common end users with integrated solutions in a world of tools for engineers and scientists - Faisal Farooq (IBM Watson Health), Balaji Krishnapuram (IBM Watson Health) 00:27:28
Big science problems, big data solutions - Mr Prabhat (Berkeley Lab) 00:32:21
Of market makers and middlemen: How technology is transforming global trade - Renee DiResta (Haven) 00:31:28
Enabling smart consumer health decisions using prediction and personalization - Matt Butner (Stride Health) 00:31:17
Engineering industrial biology with data - Joshua Hoffman (Zymergen) 00:27:40
The business case for Spark, Kafka, and friends - Edd Dumbill (Silicon Valley Data Science) 00:30:17
Distributed systems in one lesson - Tim Berglund (DataStax) 00:25:55
How to use your data science team: Becoming a data-driven organization - Yael Garten (LinkedIn) 00:29:23
Cloud computing and big data - Ben Sharma (Zaloni) 00:26:44
Data visualizations decoded - Julie Rodriguez (Sapient Global Markets) 00:21:16
Developing a modern enterprise data strategy - Part 1 - Edd Dumbill (Silicon Valley Data Science), John Akred (Silicon Valley Data Science) 00:56:19
Developing a modern enterprise data strategy - Part 2 - Edd Dumbill (Silicon Valley Data Science), John Akred (Silicon Valley Data Science) 00:29:47
Developing a modern enterprise data strategy - Part 3 - Edd Dumbill (Silicon Valley Data Science), John Akred (Silicon Valley Data Science) 00:44:28
Developing a modern enterprise data strategy - Part 4 - Edd Dumbill (Silicon Valley Data Science), John Akred (Silicon Valley Data Science) 00:40:25
Empowering business users to lead with data - Denise McInerney (Intuit) 00:40:53
Why a data career is a great choice, now more than ever - Jin Zhang (CA Technologies), Jerry Overton (CSC), Michele Chambers (Continuum Analytics) 00:39:44
Automating decision making with big data: How to make it work - Andreas Schmidt (Blue Yonder) 00:36:36
Best practices for achieving customer 360 - Steven Totman (Cloudera), Nick Curcuru (MasterCard Advisors), Robert Bagley (ClickFox), Lori Bieda (Bank of Montreal) 00:44:57
Working on the blockchain gang: Crunching and visualizing bitcoin data - Benedikt Koehler (DataLion) 00:38:58
Adopting analytics: The Autodesk journey - Adam Sugano (Autodesk) 00:39:11
Inside Cigna's big data journey - Jeffrey Shmain (Cloudera), Mohammad Quraishi (Cigna) 00:41:11
Data scientists, you can help save lives - Jeremy Howard (Enlitic) 00:42:18
How big data is helping to save babies around the world - Linus Liang (Embrace), Brad Allen (Silicon Valley Data Science) 00:39:11
Publicly broadcasting data exhaust at a public broadcaster - Christopher Berry (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 00:30:10
Transforming Telefónica - John Belchamber (Telefónica), Arturo Canales (Telefónica) 00:39:50

Strata + Hadoop World 2016 - San Jose, California - Data-driven Business

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