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Node.js: Developing Web Applications

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Node.js: Developing Web Applications
Node.js: Developing Web Applications
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So, you want to learn Node.js

Perhaps you're a client side developer looking to move into server side work?

Maybe you want to take your Javascript skills further? Perhaps you have a project that requires you have Node.js skills? Maybe you just want to build your resume with this exciting technology?

Node.js has revolutionized server side programming. By allowing you to use Javascript on the server, you can now build enterprise applications with a single syntax! This is both practical and time saving. The efficiencies of using Javascript on both the client side and server side of an application include using shared JSON objects across the stack, as well as reusing your code modules.

If you're going to learn Node.js this is your course! Your instructor Dan Castillo is a web developer who has worked across the stack for several years creating applications and web services. No experience is required as Dan will start you at the very beginning by installing the necessary modules to use Node. As you go through each lecture, Dan will encourage you to code along as you work in the command line interface, learn to use the file system and routing and even create your own API's. This is a comprehensive first course in Node.js which is designed to get you working in this new technology right away.

Node.js: Developing Web Applications

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  1. Node.js:开发Web应用 也许你是一名正在寻找转向服务器端的客户端开发者;也许你希望将你的JavaScript技巧进一步提升?也许你在进行一项需要Node.js的项目?也许你只是希望在你的简历中加上这门新技术? Node.js已经在服务器端编程起到了革命性的作用。通过让你在服务器上使用JavaScript,你现在可以使用一种语言开发企业级应用。这既实用又节省时间。在客户端和服务器端的应用上使用JavaScript所带来的效率包括在不同的栈中使用共享的JSON对象,以及复用你的代码模块。 如果你准备学习Node.js,本教程适用于你。你的讲师Dan Castillo是一名web开发和,具有多年的web应用和web服务开发经验。学习本教程无需任何经验。随着课程的深入,Dan将会帮助你从命令行开始,学习实验文件系统、路由甚至创建你自己的API。这是一部全面的教程,为你学习一项新技术而设计。
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