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FileMaker: Relational Database Design

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FileMaker: Relational Database Design
FileMaker: Relational Database Design
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Understanding which data tables to create and how to link them together via relationships is key to mastering the relational database capabilities of FileMaker Pro. In this course, join instructor Cris Ippolite as he shows how to translate aspects of the real world into the form and language of a relational database. Cris begins by reviewing some of the basic concepts of data modeling, introducing tables, key fields, and the relationship graph. After demonstrating how to establish relationships in a database, he discusses using these relationships in portals, in calculations, and while navigating. He also includes three practical data modeling examples to help you grasp how these concepts work in the real world.

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  1. FileMaker:关系型数据库设计 懂得哪个数据表可以创建以及如何将他们通过关系链接在一起,是掌握关系数据库FileMaker Pro的重要能力。在本教程中,讲师Cris Ippolite将会为你带来如何将真实的时间转换为关系型数据库的表单和语言。Cris会从回顾数据模型的基本概念开始,介绍表、关键字段和关联图。在演示如何在数据库中建立关系之后,他会讲到在portal、计算和导航时使用关系。他还会讲到三种实用2的数据建模例子,用来帮助你掌握真实世界中的这些概念。
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