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Cyber Security: Endpoint Defense

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Cyber Security: Endpoint Defense
Cyber Security: Endpoint Defense
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Computer and network security is very important and relevant in today's business world. Many system administrators and information technology professionals do not have formal training in computer security and may lack the budget to hire security professionals. They need an affordable solution to help them secure their data and improve their security posture.

This video course will enable you to close the gap and be well acquainted with basic security fundamentals to improve their security. You will learn how to secure infrastructure, such as wireless access points, firewalls, and servers. Moving ahead, learn to secure applications and data by vulnerability scanning and patching, encryption, data loss prevention, and backups. Finally you will learn how to protect users from malware, phishing, and social engineering attacks and disaster recovery.

By the end of the course, you will be a cyber security specialist capable of preventing data breaches and data loss, as these measures could save a company thousands of dollars. These topics are relevant to today's Information Technology environment and protection is vital to business success.

Cyber Security: Endpoint Defense

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  1. 计算机和网络安全在当今的商业世界中是非常重要和相互关联的。许多系统管理员和信息技术专业人员在计算机安全方面没有正式的培训, 而且可能缺乏雇用安全专业人员的预算。他们需要一个负担得起的解决方案来帮助他们保护他们的数据并改善他们的安全态势。 此视频课程将使您能够缩小差距, 并熟悉基本的安全基础知识, 以提高其安全性。您将学习如何保护基础结构, 例如无线访问点、防火墙和服务器。向前迈进, 学习如何通过漏洞扫描和修补、加密、数据丢失预防和备份来保护应用程序和数据。最后, 您将学习如何保护用户免遭恶意软件、网络钓鱼以及社会工程攻击和灾难恢复。 在课程结束时, 您将成为一个能够防止数据泄露和数据丢失的网络安全专家, 因为这些措施可以为公司节省上千美元。这些主题与今天的信息技术环境相关, 保护对企业的成功至关重要。
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