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Squarespace Essential Training: The Basics

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Squarespace Essential Training: The Basics
Squarespace Essential Training: The Basics
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Learn how to use Squarespace to design, build, and host stylish websites without needing to code heavily or manage servers. Instructor Jen Kramer helps you get up to speed with this popular platform, stepping through the creation of three different websites: a small business informational site, a conference website, and a single-page restaurant website. Jen spells out how the Squarespace service works and shows how to plan out a successful site, create pages and assets within Squarespace, and manage site structure and navigation. Plus, she explains how to launch and maintain your Squarespace-hosted site. Whether you're well versed in web design or you have little to no coding experience, this course can help you leverage Squarespace to bring your website ideas to life.

Squarespace Essential Training: The Basics

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  1. 了解在不需要大量代码或管理服务器的情况下,如何使用Squarespace设计、构建和承载时尚的网站。讲师Jen Kramer帮助您加快熟悉这个流行的建站平台, 通过创建三个不同的网站: 一个小企业信息网站, 会议网站, 和单页餐厅网站。Jen讲明了 Squarespace 服务的工作原理, 并说明了如何规划一个成功的站点, 在 Squarespace 中创建页面和资产, 以及管理站点结构和导航。此外, 她解释了如何启动和维护您的 Squarespace 托管网站。无论您精通网页设计还是没有编码经验, 本课程都可以帮助您利用 Squarespace 将您的网站理念带入生活。
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