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Unity: Interactivity for AEC

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Unity: Interactivity for AEC
Unity: Interactivity for AEC
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Interactivity is key to seeing how architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) designs will perform in the real world. Unity provides a powerful toolset for adding interactivity and making AEC visualizations more dynamic. Join George Maestri in this course to learn how to use Unity scripting, animation, and UI tools to enhance the interactivity of your designs. Review the basics of scripting, including working with variables and functions. Learn to apply scripts directly to objects in your scene and trigger them with a single keystroke. Next, discover how to animate interactions, such as opening doors and drawers, and adjust how animations are triggered with colliders and proximity detection. Finally, George shows how to create a simple user interface for your scene, adding buttons, menus, and sliders that allow the viewer to control object visibility, lighting levels, and more.

Unity: Interactivity for AEC

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  1. 交互性是查看架构、工程和构造 (AEC) 设计如何在现实世界中执行的关键。Unity提供了一个强大的工具集, 用于添加交互性, 使 AEC 可视化更加动态化。参加George Maestri的课程,学习如何使用Unity脚本、动画和 UI 工具来增强设计的交互性。查看脚本的基本知识, 包括使用变量和函数。学习直接将脚本应用于场景中的对象, 并使用单个击键触发它们。接下来, 了解如何对交互进行动画处理, 如打开门和抽屉, 以及如何通过对撞机和接近检测来调整动画的触发方式。最后, 乔治演示如何为您的场景创建一个简单的用户界面, 添加按钮、菜单和滑块, 使查看器能够控制对象可见性、光照级别等。
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