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Managing Data in the Cloud

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This course will provide you with the background needed to understand and explain the management of data in the cloud, as well as the technical, business, and security issues associated with legal, jurisdictional, and data sovereignty requirements.

In their efforts to realize the advantages of cloud computing, companies are struggling with the task of managing and protecting data. This course, Managing Data in the Cloud, will instruct you on the best ways to perform these tasks. You will first learn how to transition applications or business processes to a cloud computing or hybrid IT environment. Next, you'll discover how to lead the digital transformation of a business or organization and align business or mission goals to the adoption of cloud computing based services. Finally, you will take a look into designing and establishing the policies and guidelines necessary for information technology governance within a hybrid IT environment. By the end of this course, you will be able to advise and lead this difficult, but important task.

Managing Data in the Cloud

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  1. 管理云中的数据 本教程将会为你带去理解和解释云中数据管理的经验,以及与法律、司法和数据所属权要求相关的技术、商业和安全问题。 在企业认识到云计算的优势的过程中,企业致力于管理和包含数据的工作。本教程将会指导你执行这些任务的最佳方法。你首先将会学习如何转换应用或企业流程到云计算或混合IT环境;接下来,你将了解如何领导企业或组织的数字转变,以及将企业或任务目标与采取基于服务的云计算保持一致。最后,你将了解在混合型IT环境中,设计和建立策略和必要的信息技术指导。通过本教程的学习,你将能够建议和领导这些困难但是重要的任务。
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