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MySQL 8 for Administrators

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MySQL 8 for Administrators
MySQL 8 for Administrators
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MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. Since the release of MySQL 5.0 in 2003, it is MySQL 8 that comes with a major update.

This course goes over the basics of MySQL administration, through examples on MySQL 8. It also covers the differences between various MySQL versions. It starts off with the basics: Installing MySQL and Creating users. After that, we will get sysbench up and running. Sysbench, responsible for issuing queries against databases, is the de-facto benchmarking tool for MySQL. With that hands-on lab environment at hand, we will learn about various database administration topics like backups, replication, monitoring, point in time recovery, switchovers, user management and version upgrades.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to set up new MySQL databases and perform basic administration tasks using the latest version.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available on Github at

MySQL 8 for Administrators

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  1. MySQL 8管理员指南 MySQL是当今世界最流行的开源数据库。自从2003年发布了MySQL5.0以来,MySQL8是其目前最重要的更新。 本教程会通过MySQL回顾MySQL管理的基础知识,还会对比个版本之间的差别。首先是基础知识:安装和创建用户;然后是使用sysbench。sysbench用于发起对数据库的查询,是MySQL的标准工具。通过实践手头的实验室环境,我们将学习各种数据库管理内容,如备份、复制、监控、定点恢复、角色切换、用户管理和版本更新。 学习完本教程,你将能够安装一款新的MySQL数据库,以及执行基本的管理任务。
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