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Object Oriented PHP and MVC

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Object Oriented PHP and MVC
Object Oriented PHP and MVC
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In this course, we will go step by step to build a complete custom MVC (Model View Controller) framework Called TraversyMVC using object-oriented PHP. We will build something similar to Codeigniter but much much lighter. This framework is a completely open source and you are free to change the name, add stuff, etc and use it as your own. This framework will include. A core library class to load controllers & methods from the URL (Also using .htaccess)

A base controller class to load models and views

A custom database library using PDO for all models to interact with the database using prepared statements.

Not only will we create the framework but we will build an application on top of it called SharePosts which will be somewhat of a social network to share posts. This application will include: Full user authentication, Access control for posts, Server-side form validation

Bootstrap 4 UI, Posts CRUD, Helper functions (flash messaging & redirects).

We will also be deploying the application to the Internet

Object Oriented PHP and MVC

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  1. 面向对象的PHP和MVC 在本教程中,我们会逐步第使用面向对象PHP开发一个完整的被称之为TraversyMVC的MVC框架。我们将开发一个类似于codeigniter的东东,但是要轻量级得多。这一个完整的开源框架,你可以自由地按照自己的需要改变名字、添加内容等。这款框架将会包含一个核心类库,用于从URL加载控制器和方法,一个用于加载模型和视图的基础控制器类,一个使用PDO用于在预置状态下所有模型与数据库交互的定制数据库类库。 我们不仅会开发这款框架,并且我们还会开发一个基于其之上的被称之为SharePosts的应用,这有点像一个用于分享帖子的社交网络。这款应用将会包含完整的用户认证、用于帖子的访问控制、服务器端的表单验证。 我们还会将其部署在互联网上。
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