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Maplesoft Maple 18.01 MacOsx

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Maplesoft Maple 18.01

maple_iconMaple是一个通用型的商用计算机代数系统。Maple起源于1988年,由加拿大安大略滑铁卢的一家公司,Waterloo Maple Inc.(亦称Maplesoft枫软)进行开发和商业销售。最新版是Maple 18。它的主要竞争者是Mathematica。

用户能够直接使用传统数学符号进行输入,也可以定制个性化的界面。对于数值计算有额外的支持,能够扩展到任意精度,同时亦支持符号演算及可视化。符号演算的例子参见下文。Maple内建有一种动态的命令行风格的编程语言,该语言支持具有作用域的变量。同时亦有其他语言的接口(C、FORTRAN、Java、Matlab和Visual Basic)。还具有与Excel进行交互的接口。

Maplesoft Maple 18.01 | 756.0 mb

Maplesoft, leading developer of advanced mathematical and analytical software, has released an update to Maple 18.0, the mathematical computing software for education and research in mathematics, engineering, and the sciences.

With Maple 18, Maplesoft offers enhanced tools for developing interactive applications and quizzes, together with additional features to enrich and streamline the student experience.

Maple supports the easy creation of interactive Math Apps for use in the classroom and through The Möbius Project, an initiative from Maplesoft that supports the creation, sharing, and grading of Math Apps. With Maple 18, instructors can take advantage of increased flexibility in the one-step Math App creation tool to quickly create even more complex applications, and easily create randomly generated quizzes for their students.

Maple 18.01 Update Details

- Significantly enhanced efficiency for many numerical linear algebra computations
- New keyboard shortcuts for “Execute All” ([Ctrl or Cmd]+[Shift]+[Enter]) and for entering slideshow mode ([F11] or [Cmd]+[F11])
- Improved export of 2-D plots
- PDF export improvements for documents that include code edit regions
- Enhancements to the limit command

About Maplesoft

Maplesoft is a leading developer of advanced mathematical and analytical software. Its innovative suite of products harnesses the power of mathematics, providing industry and academia with the most advanced mathematical tools complete with fully integrated numerics and symbolics. If you touch math... you need Maple.

Name: Maplesoft Maple
Version: 18.01
Interface: english
OS: MacOsx
Size: 756.0 mb

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