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Stock Plus Pro 3.8 MacOSX

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Stock Plus Pro v2.5 Mac OS X

Stock Plus Pro v3.x Mac OS X | 5.1 MB

Stocks Plus is a powerful easy to use app which enables you to track, visualize & analyze stocks, indices, commodities, bonds, ETFs and so much more. With it's sleek easy to use interface, unique visualization tools, technical indicators, this app has all your market needs covered!


  • Track indices or individual stocks right from your menu bar
  • Drag away from the menu bar to access other amazing features
  • Whether you are a long term investor, trader, speculator or just interested in the markets, we have you covered
  • Track individual stocks, whole indices, commodities such as gold & coffee, bond markets or even sector ETFs
  • All the data is in real-time
  • Candlestick & line charts with volume graphs
  • Historical data range up to 1 year
  • Automatic data updates and notifications
  • Fast, reliable statistics, all in real time
  • Volume graphs
  • Quickly search for any symbol which is outside the top market sectors
  • Unique high def graphs to view data clearly


Stocks Plus is a must have for all stock market enthusiasts; it's perfect for beginners & professionals alike! We are also working on some more exciting features - coming soon!

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