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GNS Animator4 v2.1.2 Win/Linux x64



Animator4是一个后处理器,适用范围广的有限元分析(FEA)的应用程序。 该方案是基于近20年的汽车行业,其前身Animator3项目的工作经验。 起步于90年代初,是专为汽车制造商大众和奥迪早期版本的程序。

GNS Animator4 v2.1.2 Win/Linux x64 | 357M

The Trendsetting Post-Processor for FEM Analysis

Animation tool for handling extremely large finite element models


Animator4 is a post-processor for a wide range of finite element analysis (FEA) applications. The program is based on almost 20 years of experience in project work for the automotive industry and its predecessor Animator3. Started in the early '90s, earlier versions of the program were exclusively developed for the automobile manufacturers VOLKSWAGEN and AUDI.


Animator3 gained respect within a wide range of engineering companies. While some users still appreciate the minimalistic and mainly command line driven interface of Animator3, most users prefer a more capable and customizable user interface. Animator4 augments its predecessor's qualities with a modern graphical user interface, based on Qt©. At the same time it keeps the highly optimized OpenGL code from Animator3. Thus Animator4 has been well received and continues the success story ofAnimator3.

 Animator4 is the perfect animation tool for handling extremely large finite element models.
  • Animator4 makes efficient use of system resources.
  • Animator4 offers constantly extended functionality to easily and carefully verify and validate the results of even the most complex calculations.
  • Curves of nodal and element time history data can be plotted while running the animation simply by picking them with the mouse.
  • A curve calculator allows for the analysis and/or manipulation of time history curves: It can be used to carry out mathematical operations on time history curves as well as complex safety analysis to calculate HIC curves or neck injury criteria.
  • Models can be animated using a variety of different rendering modes. The excellent animated graphics allow the efficient presentation of simulation results to designers or product managers.
  • Cross section views can be animated, and cross sections of the undeformed geometry can be compared to any deformed state.
  • Different stereoscopic 3D options are available, allowing the use of all the above features with stereoscopic 3D animation.

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系统要求:Win 32位,64位 / Linux 32位,64位

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